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Monarch ~ A Stable Investment

Designed for Safety and Durability

  • Centre Yard Polo Yard Monarch Imperial Horse Exerciser 2 Victorian

    Monarch Equestrian is a family business which has developed into a world leader in the design and build of high quality stabling and equestrian equipment, with almost 50 years experience in manufacturing and a lifetime’s involvement with horses.

    Our expertise in advanced manufacturing techniques and professional equine management enable us to enjoy a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality, design, reliability and excellent value for money.

    External Top & Bottom Stable Door Sets

    Monarch Handling Stocks

    Monarch Solarium

    Portable Paddock Pens

    Standard Paddock Pens

    Monarch prides itself on its ethical sourcing practices and to ensure that there is a constant supply of specially selected timber Monarch have established their own Timber Mill in West Africa. The management and protection of forests in this region is a key conservation issue and concern for Monarch and many of its clients , this is why we only take timber from areas under the control of the Forestry Commission and ensure that it is ethically produced by directly employing local people, bring much needed employment to the area. Our Directors visit regularly to monitor the whole process

    Forest to Factory

  • Monarch is proud to be at the forefront of innovation within the Equestrian industry and will continue to lead the way in stable design and equestrian equipment manufacture. The Monarch Barn, Monarch Horse Exercisers, Paddock and Lunge Pens, Stocks and Solaria are just a few of our products all designed with safety in mind

    The friendly, knowledgeable team at Monarch will be pleased to assist with your project giving you correct advice and the most competitive prices available however large or small your project is. From inspiration to the completion, we strive to make your Equestrian dreams become a reality.

    Better by Design