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What groundworks do I need for a Monarch Barn?
What groundworks do I need for a Monarch Barn?

We recommend a concrete pad for our Monarch Barn Groundworks. It must be sealed 1ft (305mm) in from the edge of the concrete base. This 1ft area must have a smooth, level finish to ensure a watertight seal when the Monarch Barn is erected. Minimum thickness for the concrete base is to be no less than 6″ (155mm)

When purchasing a Monarch Barn from ourselves we do also supply technical groundwork drawings, we can also quote for your groundworks or can recommend a company that would be able to help.

View our Monarch Barn projects on Facebook Monarch Barn with Hardwood Top Door with Sliding Barn Doors By Monarch Equestrian

What are the roof options on your Monarch Barn?
What are the roof options on your Monarch Barn?

Our Monarch Barn, Back-to-back Barn and External Stables come with a choice of 3 roof options. The most affordable barn roof is the Polycarbonate Roof. It is made from a translucent material therefore it allows natural light into our Monarch Barn.

We also offer a Steel Profile Barn Roof and a Slate Effect Barn Roof. These options are a more expensive choice but also do look more aesthetically pleasing. We recommend putting Skylights in with these as they are opaque and let no natural light in.

For more information on Polycarbonate. Please click here. Monarch barn with polycarbonate roof by Monarch Equestrian

What size are your stables in your Monarch Barn?
What size are your stables in your Monarch Barn?

Our Monarch Barn‘s built in modules of 12’0 bays, therefore our steel supports are every 12’0 along. We use these to attach our stable divisions to. This means all the stable bays, tack rooms etc, inside our Monarch Barn are a standard size of 12’0 x 12’0.

This is the same for our Back-to-back Barn and our External Stables.

View some of our Monarch Barn projects on our Facebook. Standard Size Majestic Victorian Hardwood Stables Inside a Monarch Barn

Do Monarch Equestrian deliver?
Do Monarch Equestrian deliver?

Yes we can deliver the the UK and Worldwide. We have a fleet of vehicles, including flat bed, hiab craned trucks that deliver around the UK. We also work with trusted third party transport companies to export Worldwide.
Monarch Equestrian Trucks

Do Monarch Equestrian install?
Do Monarch Equestrian install?

Yes, we have dedicated teams of experienced fitters, who can install our stables, barns, horse walkers anywhere in the World at an additional cost.

With some items it is more cost effective for the client to install some of the products themselves. Such as our stocks, lunge and paddock pens. We do also provide instructions.

Monarch Equestrian fitting team

How do I maintain my Monarch Stables?
How do I maintain my Monarch Stables?

Our Hardwood Stables need yearly maintenance using a Linseed based UV protected oil wax. You can purchase this from ourselves or from your local hardware store.

Our Plastic Stables doesn’t need any maintenance as such, we would just recommend regularly cleaning the stables down with warm soapy water.

What is your Stable guarantee?
What is your Stable guarantee?

Monarch’s Stables guarantee is against the failure of materials and manufacturing defects (excluding Horse damage) for 10 years from the date of supply. (Subject to periodic maintenance having been carried out as required)

N.B The Hardwood Timber is a natural product and may be subject to some shrinkage; this is completely normal and may require some adjustments by the customer. Not covered by the guarantee is shrinkage.

Do you have a showroom?
Do you have a showroom?

Unfortunately we don’t have a showroom. However we do have a show stand at Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials where we set up a selection of our products for you to view.

If you do want to view one of our projects before purchasing from us, please give us a call and we may be able to locate a previous project in your area for you to go and view. Alternatively you can view our Gallery or see our Facebook for current projects. Monarch Equestrian show stand at Badminton Horse Trials

Do I need planning permission before purchasing a Horse Walker?
Do I need planning permission before purchasing a Horse Walker?

We recommend speaking with your local planning authority and obtaining planning permission before purchasing any Horse Walker. We can provide technical drawings to help with this process if needed. Consort Plus Horse Exerciser with polycarbonate roof by Monarch Equestrian

How much do your Horse Walker service’s cost?

Our Horse Walker services cost £215.00 plus mileage and VAT. Mileage is dependant on where in the country the service needs to be carried out. We will try to keep mileage costs at a minimum by sharing the trip with another customer where possible. Additional cost’s may occur if parts not covered by the service are in need of replacement.

To find out more about our horse walker service’s or to book an appointment please click here.

How long does a Horse Walker service take?

The average time of a horse walker service is around 2 to 2.5 hours. Dependant on if there are any broken or damaged parts that need replacing, then the service may take longer.

What’s your guarantee on your Horse Walkers?

Monarch Horse Exercisers have a 5 year guarantee consisting of a 2 year guarantee for parts and labour* and 3 year guarantee for parts only, subject to receiving a service from a Monarch Engineer before the 2nd anniversary of the supply of the horse exerciser.

How often should I service my Horse Walker?

We recommend servicing your horse walker every 12 to 24 months depending on use. If the walker is heavily used then we recommend every 12 months.

What oil goes in your Horse Walkers?

What oil goes in your Horse Walkers?

1 answer

Control Box Oil

We recommend a VG-32 grade hydraulic oil with a VI additive, this can be purchased from most Agricultural merchants. This is to be filled using the cap on the top of the control box and can hold up to 25 litres. The gauge on the front of the control box will indicate how much oil is in the tank, for it to run correctly the gauge should show between half way and full.

Blue Bottle Oil

We recommend a heavy engine oil/gear box oil, the thicker the better. When filling the blue bottle you will need about a litre of oil and you will need to let the walker run on a slow speed, so that the oil can flow and lubricate the bearings in the centre. N.B The blue bottle is purely a reservoir and should never appear full. If too much oil is poured you may find an over spill in the centre of the walker.

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How much do Monarch’s Stables cost?

Monarch’s Imperial Stables start from £738* plus VAT
*Price based on 1 x 12’0 Hardwood Stable Front with offset bottom swinging door. Exc. Delivery

Monarch’s Regal Stables start from £1035* plus VAT
*Price based on 1 x 12’0 Regal Victorian hardwood stable front with central bottom swinging door and additional end post. Exc. Delivery

Monarch’s Majestic Stables Are Priced Accordingly To Your Requirements. Please Request A Quote For Prices.

What are Monarch Stables?

Monarch Equestrian are a UK based stable and equine equipment manufacturing company. We have of 55 years experience in the industry and our stables are known Worldwide for their quality, build and styles.

Our stables come in a variety of ranges, Imperial, Regal and Majestic. In a standard size of 12’0 x 12’0 or can be made bespoke to suit any building. In addition to this our stables are available in hardwood or plastic with hinged or sliding doors.

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