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Using And Maintaining Your Horse Walker

Monarch’s Horse Walker’s are world renowned for their quality, durability and reliability. Used by many including professional yards, such as race yards and smaller more private yards.

We have filmed a series of videos below, explaining how to use our Walkers safely and efficiently. Please note it is the responsibility of the owner of the horse walker (or an employer whose staff use the walker) to ensure that anyone using it has read and understood the manual and is well trained before hand.

Important Notices

  • The Monarch horse exerciser is designed for use by horses only. When in operation, under no circumstance should a human be within the exerciser
  • In an emergency immediately hit the EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON. To further prevent issue/injury be aware the walker will continue to revolve until it naturally stops.
  • The door to the horse walker must NOT be opened at any time whilst the horse walker is active/revolving
  • The horse walker must be monitored at all times whilst active/revolving
  • The ‘fence switch’ controls the electrified pushers and must remain in the off position at all times whilst loading and unloading the horse walker.
  • The ‘fence switch’ must remain switched off at all times when the horse walker is not in use for your own safety.

1. Understanding Your Electronic Control Box

Our electronic control box comes with as standard;-

  • Power Switch (On/Off)
  • Direction Switch
  • Fence Switch (Electrified Pushers)
  • Speed Dial
  • Start Button
  • Stop Button
  • Emergency Stop Button

Optional upgrades;-

  • Auto Reverse & Twin Timers

2. Electronic Control Box Operating Instructions (Manual Mode)

The Horse Walker can be stopped at anytime by pressing the stop button

3. Changing Direction

4. Electronic Control Box Operating Instructions (Auto Reverse Mode)

After both the green and red timed periods have been completed the exerciser will stop and remain stationary for a period of time equal to that set by the timers green period. When the time has elapsed, the exerciser (if left unattended) will become active again and will begin to rotate. The cycle will continue until the stop button is pressed.

5. Loading Horses

Before loading a horse onto the walker, you must ensure that the ‘fence’ switch is switched to off.
The gate will be hinged on the left as standard (unless requested), you will need to lead the horse from the near side, this will allow you to open the gate and lead the horse in, whilst remaining in the gateway. Do NOT allow yourself to get between the Horse and the inner fence. When loading, take care not to allow the horse to exit before you close the gate.

6. Emergency Stop Button

In the event of an emergency hit the Emergency Stop Button on the control panel to immediately cut the power to the walker.

7. ABS Lever(Walker Engaged/Disengaged)

The Walker engaged/disengaged lever lever controls the ABS braking system. When the lever is moved to the walker disengaged position to ABS will be off, meaning the pushers will move freely enabling the operator to walk around the horse walker to ensure clear walkway. Please Note The ‘fence’ switch must be switched to off and the horse walker completely turned off before the pushers are touched.

8. Maintenance

To ensure the Horse Walker runs smoothly, a few basic checks can be made periodically.
To find out what oil goes into to our walkers click here.

Hydraulic Oil – Access to the sight glass for the hydraulic oil level can be gained by removing the back of the control box. To run correctly the oil should be between 50% – 75% full.

Bearings (Blue Bottle Oil) – It is prudent to check the oil round the flange bearing (central pyramid) every 3 months. Should the oil need topping up, a plastic oil feed (blue bottle) is provided as a spout to channel the oil onto the bearings. We recommend a Gearbox 220 oil but any gearbox oil, the thicker the better will work.

9. After Installation

10. Servicing

To find out more about our Horse Walker services or book one click here.

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