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Tie Rings

Recessed Tie Ring

We provide three tie rings, one being the recessed tie ring. These are set into our boards to ensure that when not in use they sit flush to prevent horses from catching themselves. They can be positioned for tying up horses or for hay nets as required.

Flat Plate Tie Ring

Flat plate tie rings are suitable for attaching to brick or block work and are secured by four screws. They can be positioned for tying up horses or for hay nets as required.

Screw In Tie Ring

Screw in tie rings are useful where a tie ring is required on a metal section or post, e.g for securing door chains or in conjunction with Tie Posts. They can be positioned for tying up horses or for hay nets as required.

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Other Accessories

Rug rails are great for storage. They allow you to hang your horses rugs up neatly and also come with 2 hooks to allow you to hang head collars, bridles, etc.

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Tie posts are a practical solution for tying up horses for grooming , in wash bays or under a Solarium. Posts can be positioned to suit and are available in different styles.

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Hay feeders are an easy and efficient way to feed horses within their stables. we have 2 options available; the low corner hay feeder and the high/low hay feeder.

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Plastic coated stables chains supplied for stable doorways making it easier to go in and out of the stables and allowing addition air flow in hot weather. We can also tailor make chains to suit stalls if required.

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Automatic Water Drinker with Monarch Inscribed

The automatic water drinkers that Monarch supply are available in black. They hold up to 4 litres and keep a constant water level thanks to its regulable high pressure valve.

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Top quality Rubber Floor Mats provide significant benefits to both Horse and Groom, saving time on mucking out and reducing bedding costs while providing a shock absorbing surface for the horse, helping to prevent injury from cold hard floors.

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Monarch can happily mix and match optional extras to ensure your stables are unique to you, from powder coating to inscribed boards.

Please see our grid below to see what options are available and how you can customise your stables further.

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