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What oil goes in your Horse Walkers?
21st January 2020

What oil goes in your Horse Walkers?

1 answer

Control Box Oil

We recommend a VG-32 grade hydraulic oil with a VI additive, this can be purchased from most Agricultural merchants. This is to be filled using the cap on the top of the control box and can hold up to 25 litres. The gauge on the front of the control box will indicate how much oil is in the tank, for it to run correctly the gauge should show between half way and full.

Blue Bottle Oil

We recommend a heavy engine oil/gear box oil, the thicker the better. When filling the blue bottle you will need about a litre of oil and you will need to let the walker run on a slow speed, so that the oil can flow and lubricate the bearings in the centre. N.B The blue bottle is purely a reservoir and should never appear full. If too much oil is poured you may find an over spill in the centre of the walker.

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