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The Professional Range

Professional Horse Walkers

The Professional Range of Horse Exercisers are designed around the needs and requirements of professional trainers. Therefore the professional exercisers are available in the sizes 54’0 and 66’0 in the Consort Plus or the Sovereign Plus Model, to accommodate more horses.

Professional Horse Exercisers

The Professional Consort Plus is our most sort after exerciser. For professional use, this exerciser is mostly used for competition or race horses. It has the added protection of 4’0 of rubber on the inner and outer fence.

The Professional Sovereign Plus is our next most popular horse exerciser. It has all the same features as the Consort Plus, meaning it is the same specification but this model also has the extra protection of 6’0 rubber on the inner fence, this is to help more highly strung horses such as stallions and colts, as they can’t see each other.

Click here to view our smaller Consort Plus and Sovereign Plus Exerciser’s.

The Professional range is fully inclusive and has the following features as standard; Electronic Control Unit, Auto Reverse, Electrified Pushers, Assisted Braking System and Inner Fence Gate.

Features Available;

  • Double sided, spring loaded, rubber lined pushers (Only on 54’0)
  • Watering System
  • Optional Full or Part Roof
  • Optional Floor Pavers

In regards to our Monarch Pavers, we advise they must be installed onto a smooth concrete surface.

The Professional Consort Plus, prices start from £19,790* inc. installation.

*Exc. VAT & Delivery

The Professional Sovereign Plus, prices start from £21,520* inc. installation.

*Price is based on a 6 Horse Walker with Electronic Control Box, ABS, Electrified Pushers, Auto Reverse & Twin Timers and Inner Access Gate. Exc. Roof, Pavers, VAT & Delivery.

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Roof Styles

Bronze Polycarbonate

The Bronze Polycarbonate roof is a translucent, light weight and UV protected sheeting that allows a lot of light in to the barn.

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Steel Profile

The Steel Profile roof is an insulated roof that comes in a variety of colours, the most popular choices being; Van Dyke Brown, Olive Green or Juniper Green. The underside is white to allow the barn to feel light and airy and comes with the option of having sky lights put in over each bay.

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Slate Effect

The Slate Effect roof is a 12mm plywood with a plastic UV protected Slate effect tile on top filled with a waterproof membrane. No fixings are visible on this roof therefore making it more aesthetically pleasing.

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why choose monarch for The Professional Range?
  • 2 year guarantee on Parts & Labour with a further 3 years on Parts. (Exerciser must be serviced by Monarch)
  • Fully galvanised weather protection.
  • Pushers are hinged overhead so that if a horse were to fall there would be sufficient leverage on the pusher to allow them to recover their footing.
  • All Monarch Exercisers have a wider track way of 6'6 to allow larger horses to turn around.
  • We have professional fitting teams and a very experienced and knowledgeable service engineer
  • Optional full or part roof
  • Optional rubber floor pavers for the trackway
  • Available in 54'0 (16.46m) or 66'0 (20.12m)
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